Pink sapphires and graduating diamonds complement each other in these earrings which feature a cut-out negative space following the curve of the ear lobe. 

Metal: 18-Karat Rose Gold   

Gemstones: Pink Sapphires, 0.65 carat total weight

Accent Stones: Diamonds, 0.30 carat total weight

Note from the designer: I initially designed those earrings during my jewelry design course at GIA in 2018. I wanted to create earrings that seemed to play with the wearer’s ears instead of simply being worn. The cut-out space follows the ear lobe curve to give the impression of being at one with the wearer. I named them HIRONDELLE as their shape resembles the wing of a Swallow bird.

The Alice collection is, in essence, a love story.

It started in France in 1920 when Georges, Laura Gallon’s great-grandfather and renowned jeweler, created a pair of diamond fan-shaped earrings for his wife Alice.

These beautiful Art Deco earrings were passed down to Laura’s father who in turn passed them down to Laura, sparking an undeniable attraction to the world of fine jewelry.

The Alice collection is inspired by those exact earrings and represents a tribute to Laura Gallon’s jewelry heritage.