Three-in-one hoops featuring sparkling round Emeralds.

Metal: 18-Karat Yellow Gold   

Gemstones: Emeralds, 0.83 carat total weight

Note from the designer: These earrings can be worn from day to night. Number 3 has been used throughout the world to represent stability, balance and free-thinking. Wear them and feel their grounding power.

a vibrant and colorful collection of special occasion rings, earrings and necklaces inspired by Haute Couture.

These one-of-a-kind pieces feature hand-selected exquisite colored gemstones from across the world.

Gemstones, just like people, are all unique. It’s almost impossible to find two colored stones of the exact same color, clarity, size and quality. They have their own story, they come from different places and you will be drawn to some more than others.

Laura Gallon