AVA - One-of-a-Kind Rhodolite Garnet & Tanzanite Ring


An oval Rhodolite Garnet is held by four claw prongs and accented by small Tanzanites for some top and side view details.

Metal: 18-Karat Rose Gold   

Center Stone: Rhodolite Garnet, 1.57 carat 

Accent Stones: Tanzanites, 0.26 carat total weight

Note from the designer: This is the very first stone that I purchased for my collection. I held on to it for a while until I could think of the perfect design to reveal its beauty. The inspiration came from an artwork that I saw where pinkish-purple was mixed and intertwined with violet. I love how the Tanzanites line the center stone in the top view and then follow its outline in the side view, making this ring truly unique. 

a vibrant and colorful collection of special occasion rings, earrings and necklaces inspired by Haute Couture.

These one-of-a-kind pieces feature hand-selected exquisite colored gemstones from across the world.

Gemstones, just like people, are all unique. It’s almost impossible to find two colored stones of the exact same color, clarity, size and quality. They have their own story, they come from different places and you will be drawn to some more than others.

Laura Gallon