HELENA - One-of-a-Kind Aquamarine & Jedi Spinel Earrings


Two trillion-cut Aquamarines are surrounded by a wave of gold on one side and vibrant Jedi Spinels on the other side to create a unique pair of earrings.    

Metal: 18-Karat Yellow Gold 

Center Stones: Aquamarines, 2.21 carat total weight (Madagascar origin)

Accent Stones: Jedi Spinels, 0.40 carat total weight (Burma origin)

Note from the designer: This design was inspired by a picture I saw of bright pink rose petals floating on a swimming pool. The turquoise color of the pool reminded me of Aquamarines and the pink petals of rare Jedi Spinels. I then decided to add a wave of gold to the piece, reminding us of the elegant movement of water.  

a vibrant and colorful collection of special occasion rings, earrings and necklaces inspired by Haute Couture.

These one-of-a-kind pieces feature hand-selected exquisite colored gemstones from across the world.

Gemstones, just like people, are all unique. It’s almost impossible to find two colored stones of the exact same color, clarity, size and quality. They have their own story, they come from different places and you will be drawn to some more than others.

Laura Gallon