Laura Gallon

HELENA - One-of-a-Kind Aquamarine & Jedi Spinel Earrings


Two trillion-cut Aquamarines are surrounded by a wave of gold on one side and vibrant Jedi Spinels on the other side to create a unique pair of earrings.    

Metal: 18-Karat Yellow Gold 

Center Stones: Aquamarines, 2.21 carat total weight (Madagascar origin)

Accent Stones: Jedi Spinels, 0.40 carat total weight (Burma origin)

Note from the designer: This design was inspired by a picture I saw of bright pink rose petals floating on a swimming pool. The turquoise color of the pool reminded me of Aquamarines and the pink petals of rare Jedi Spinels. I then decided to add a wave of gold to the piece, reminding us of the elegant movement of water.  

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